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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I shoulda torn the snowblower a little further apart

before I started ordering parts! I mentioned the other day that I had to order a new friction wheel for the snowblower that Leonard owns and I use to keep our driveways clear. The monster machine wasn't working very well so I downloaded the owners manual and set to making adjustments as dictated by the manual.

That work led to me a multi-stop trip around town on Saturday looking for 2 v-belts which I did find and replace. Then I discovered that the friction wheel was missing much of it's friction material so I ordered that part.

Tonight, in preparation for the wheel that is supposed to arrive tomorrow, I dug a little deeper to make sure the machine would be workable when the wheel is installed.

Not so much... I discovered that another chain sprocket on a different shaft from last year's repairs, is ground just about to 1/2 thei normal thickness! It's toast. Very thin toast! Damm sprocket is only 8 teeth and it isn't made of great quality steel so a little misalignment has ruined the teeth.

I ordered that part tonight. Should be here Friday. I guess I know what I'll be doing Sunday afternoon!

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